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Bringing Water Sport Fun to Hope Mills, NC

As the only mobile kayak rental service in Cumberland County, we’re bringing kayak rentals and organized community activities to nearby public parks. Mainly, we work on the lakes in Hope Mills, Fayetteville, and Raeford, although special requests are possible!    

We are flooded with customers who voice their excitement about this new outdoor recreational activity and we have yet to receive an unsatisfied customer.

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Experience Fun in the Sun with Water Sport Rentals

Our focus is doing our best to make the paddling experience enjoyable by taking the time to assist with proper fitting of life jackets and basic kayaking instruction. We also can accompany any customers who want to discover unfamiliar paddling routes or just to help new kayakers with feeling confident on the water.

Kayak Hope Mills North Carolina Yakalacky Outfitters

We are proud to provide services including:

Kayak Rental

Paddle Board Rental

Canoe Rental

Live Fishing Bait

We offer a variety of models and brands of water sports equipment. Our kayaks are recreational, and some have features for fishing. We have plenty of live fishing bait including minnows, worms, and more plus, our paddle boards vary in styles and features. These different options allow us to do our best at accommodating our customers with their individual preferences.   

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Get To Know Yakalacky Outfitters

Starting out in November 2019 as a desire to fill a much-needed outdoor recreational service in Fayetteville, Hope Mills, and other outlying areas, Yakalacky Outfitters was created. We started by researching the industry and we discovered the health benefits of the water sport. The benefits include the moderate physical activity that is suited for any age, and the mental health benefits for individuals with PTSD, anxiety disorders, stress, and overall better well being. All these benefits significantly increased our belief that this particular region of NC is in much need of these recreational services.

Kayak Hope Mills North Carolina Yakalacky Outfitters

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About Our Name

Our name, Yakalacky Outfitters, was created to represent the historical coined term North Cackalacky in the 1960’s by our Vietnam veterans who returned from the war and were sent to Fort Bragg. 

As Paul Jones reported, “Particularly people at Fort Bragg, who were not from North Carolina, used the Cackalack word. ‘We’re stuck down here in the boondocks, in Cackalack,’” he says.

Our founder, Stephanie Bentley, was very familiar with the term from a very young age. Her father was a Special Forces soldier sent to Vietnam in 1962-1964, and served in the United States Army at Ft. Bragg pretty much his entire career and used the term Cackalacky to make us laugh as kids. 

The premise that this area is a military town, and their significant needs for mental health support, and in honor of her father, Stanley G Grabey she invented YAKALACKY IN NORTH CACKALACKY.


Kayak Hope Mills North Carolina Yakalacky Outfitters

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Yakalacky Outfitters welcomes those from across the Fayetteville area to come and enjoy the surrounding parks and water sports. As the only mobile kayak rental service in Cumberland County, we encourage you to explore and choose Yackalacky for your next outdoor adventure.


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